The CBRS team is working diligently to bring you engaging, lighthearted, content. The goal is to not only make you laugh, but also to show the world that wonderful things can happen when people come together with work towards a common goal.



Cold Beet Root Soup (CBRS) is a new and upcoming multimedia company, founded in 2022 that is creating entertaining and engaging online content. CBRS has a dedicated team of creatives from around the world who make art, write articles, design merch, produce videos, design and develop games, as well as create music and photography.

Much like the individual ingredients in Cold BeetRoot Soup, each individual member is unique in their cultural and professional backgrounds as well as in their creative processes. Each member varies greatly from one another but much like the soup that inspires CBRS, each member works together to add value and create something bigger than themselves.

Some say life is like a box of chocolates and we do not know what we will get in this life. At CBRS we feel that life is like a bowl of Cold Beet Root Soup. In order to create something wonderful,  teamwork, cooperation, and dedication is needed. 

CBRS is creating a community and we want you to be a part of it. We are building a community on Hive, Discord, Telegram, Youtube, and Twitter.





Content Creator




Content Creator


In 2017, Art and Marius joined the Steemit platform. This was the beginning of a journey that would change their lives and bring them all kinds of opportunities. The first video they posted was a short 30 seconds video about D-Tube and Steemit. After half an hour this video got an upvote of $50 and the duo’s collective minds were blown. They had just realized that they could create the content that they love and be rewarded for it. After this life changing realization the two began a career of making videos and other content on Steemit. 


During their time on Steemit, Artakush and Minigunner became members of a creation support community @DDaily. Artakush was also a contributor for @fundition and @cleannplanet where he helped others to achieve their goals, he was also a great inspiration in The Hague Tech in The Hague where he was teaching others about Steemit and Blockchain. In 2018, Art joined Steemfest in Krakow Poland where he met with the founders of @splinterlands @yabapmatt and @aggroed. Artakush and Minigunner even received some amazing splinterlands promo cards that they still have today.




At CBRS we also create games and our mission is to implement some of our games on Hive Blockchain. This project is yet to be coninued.


Hive Meetups

We believe in community power and therefore we think it is important we organize meetups to keep the community inspired and engaging.


Hive Giveaways

Giveaways are always a good way to promote an idea or an article. Most of our giveaways you can find on Twitter and of couse on Hive


Hive Onboarding

We believe in real decentralization, we believe in Hive. Withouth any doubt we Onboard anyone who is interested to Hive and guid them in their journey.


CBRS Philanthropy

Hive has great power when in comes to Social Impact. The Hive reward system can change peoples lives and we intend to teach those who need it most.

Coldbeetrootsoup 15


CBRS will be helping market some of the amazing tools from HiveLive. These Tools are all open source and all built on Hive Blockchain.



Helping create a DAO for the MAK Museum Vienna and building a community on Discord


Video Editing

Creating and editing videos for different kind of projects and promoting on Social Media


WordPress websites

Building websites and webshops using WordPress and Elementor Pro web builder